About our Training

Each training session is individually blue-printed to focus on the needs of the client company and their employees, and is not a generic drill (i.e. gases, lithium batteries, toxins, radioactive materials, etc.).

We will come to your business to teach or can do an online class. We fully customize to meet your needs, no matter if it's one student or one hundred, and there is no student minimum.

Your training is intended to be fun while supporting the learning of a dry subject, completely interactive (discussion and questions always welcomed!), with a consultant who conveys enthusiasm for the subject and sparks student interest and motivation.

Your hazardous materials training course will be put together as a compendium of navigational tools used to perform a review or assessment of hazardous materials compliance, with an emphasis on the student understanding their role in the safe transport of hazardous materials. The regulations used and quoted within the presentation are current with each class. However, rules and regulations can and do change; therefore, it is the hazmat employer’s responsibility to ensure that their employees are up to date on any changes, and have access to current regulations.

Each student will be trained in hazmat general awareness, function specific, safety and security in compliance with 49 CFR §172.704 (a)(1) – (4) training requirements, and the use of IATA Regulations or IMDG Code are also integrated. Specific to the modal need of the client.The 49 CFR §100 – 185 regulations are always incorporated into every session, as this is the law of the United States concerning hazardous materials.

The hazardous materials regulations prescribe requirements for hazardous materials identification, classification, packaging, hazard communication (marking, labeling, placarding, understanding an SDS, shipping papers), incident reporting, handling, loading, unloading, segregation, registration, and movement of hazardous materials, and are all covered in detail within the course.

Slaven Consulting, LLC, will supply the fun, the training (everyone will get a .pdf file of the class), the test, and a certificate for each student. The customer provides current IATA and/or IMDG regulations. 49 CFR is available online for free.